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Scott Rifkin on Skilled Nursing News

Scott Rifkin on Skilled Nursing News:

Scott Rifkin

Scott Rifkin

Data continues to be the watchword in a skilled nursing marketplace where hospitals and other referral partners demand increasingly concrete information about post-acute outcomes.

In response, numerous tech companies have stepped into the fray to provide potential solutions — from data analytics tools that can identify serious health issues before they escalate to a hospitalization, to tracking software that alerts SNFs when one of their former residents shows up at a hospital.

But all of this flashy new technology doesn’t mean much if the frontline employees at a SNF don’t actually use it. For Scott Rifkin, founder and executive chairman of skilled nursing tech provider Real Time Medical Systems, this concept usually takes the form of an admonition from the operators to which he pitches his product.

“If you create more work for my staff, I’ll kill you,” Rifkin said, paraphrasing skeptical providers during a panel discussion at Zimmet Healthcare Services Group’s annual conference in Atlantic City, N.J. earlier this month.

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AOL home to battle of online doctors (from 1999)

Back in 1999, Scott Rifkin was kind of a big deal back during the era of AOL and Dot-Com: A Texas-based online health-care advice service struck an expensive blow at the very core of a competing local service this week., the Internet medical information company chaired by former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop,

Scott Rifkin

Scott Rifkin Featured Mover of The Daily Record

Scott Rifkin Featured Mover of The Daily Record:

Scott Rifkin

Scott Rifkin

Entrepreneur and physician Dr. Scott Rifkin, the co-founder and CEO of Mid-Atlantic Health Care LLC, has been named publisher of JMore, a magazine for the Jewish communities living in Baltimore and Howard counties.

The magazine is a product of Maryland Jewish Media, a new multimedia company founded by Rifkin that offers the monthly magazine, a website ( and social media platforms that serves the Jewish community of the Baltimore metropolitan region.

JMore is expected to have a full-time staff of nine as well as 20 freelance writers and reporters. Mid-Atlantic Health Care owns 21 skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Scott Rifkin

Scott Rifkin Founder & Executive Chairman of Real Time Medical Systems on Crunchbase

Scott Rifkin Founder & Executive Chairman of Real Time Medical Systems on Crunchbase: A recognized entrepreneur and innovator in healthcare, Scott Rifkin has more than 25 years of experience as a physician and healthcare executive. In addition to founding and serving as Executive Chairman of Real Time Medical Systems, Scott Rifkin was founder and managing

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Provider Partners Health Plan Board of Directors Scott Rifkin, MD, Chairman

Provider Partners Health Plan Board of Directors Scott Rifkin, MD, Chairman:

Provider Partners Health Plan’s board of directors is comprised of experienced leaders with diverse skill sets that are highly committed to ensuring the highest quality long-term care for their members and providers.