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Scott Rifkin

Scott Rifkin

Scott Rifkin has been working in the internal medicine field and managing healthcare clinics for over 30 years. He received his degree in medicine from the school of medicine of George Washington University, has internal medicine certification, and for 20 years practiced medicine in Maryland. Besides, Scott Rifkin has worked as an emergency medicine doctor for several SNFs seeking help on different issues of quality care and established, Inc.

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Health System Reduces Readmissions, Lowers Cost of Care, and Builds Cost-Effective Preferred Care Network

According to Scott Rifkin, interoperability and care collaboration continues to drive the future of healthcare. Learn how a major health system in South Central Pennsylvania utilized an interventional analytics software platform to build a collaborative preferred care network with their skilled nursing facilities – eliminating unnecessary hospital readmissions, reducing length of stay, and improving quality

Scott Rifkin

Interventional Analytics Reduces Avoidable Readmission Rates

How interventional analytics can help reduce readmission rates Imagine you’re driving to the beach. It’s supposed to be a two-hour drive, but traffic and construction can affect your journey—sometimes by a lot. Ten years ago, you might have used a store-bought map or even directions printed from the internet. That provided plenty of information, but

Scott Rifkin

Scott Rifkin: Like It or Not, Hospitals Will Change the SNF Industry

Hospitals and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) see the world differently. And neither embraces change easily. However, as the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) continues to aggressively push change at the hospital level – and there will be no possibility of avoiding the downstream effect of the pressures that SNFs will face. For several

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The key to reducing hospital readmissions from SNFs by 50%? A program built around Real Time SNF data

Hospitals and health systems today are pressed to improve patient outcomes while reducing costs. To overcome this two-pronged challenge, many provider organizations are focusing their efforts on reducing readmissions. As the healthcare industry shifts from fee-for-service medicine, reimbursement is becoming more closely tied to value-based care. This transition makes it more important than ever for

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Real Time Medical Systems Annual Summit Focuses On Connecting Care Through Interventional Analytics

For Immediate Release Baltimore, MD, September 26, 2019 – Founded by Scott Rifkin, MD, Real Time Medical Systems (Real Time), the leading healthcare interventional analytics company connecting skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, ACOs, payers, and affiliated providers, is excited to host the Long-Term Care community at the Real Time Summit, held Tuesday, October 21-22, 2019 in