Infection Surveillance System Targets Disease Hotspots – From COVID-19 to Influenza

An analytics company that draws on data entered into skilled nursing facilities’ electronic medical records (EMRs) launched an infection surveillance system designed to capture signs of infection early – whether from COVID-19 or influenza – and slow outbreaks. Real Time Medical Systems, which is based in Linthicum Heights, Md., launched its DiseaseWatch data collection service

Scott Rifkin

Scott Rifkin, M.D., is CEO and Co-founder of Mid-Atlantic Health Care

Mid-Atlantic Health Care is a skilled nursing and rehabilitation provider with 8 facilities in Pennsylvania. Our facilities provide geriatric care, including rehabilitation services, skilled nursing services, long-term care, and hospice care. Via the MAHC website. Mid-Atlantic Health Care Company History Founded in 2003 by Dr. Scott Rifkin and Howard Friner, Mid-Atlantic Health Care has grown to