Nursing home owner starts Medicare plan

The owner of a chain of nursing homes is launching an insurance plan for nursing home residents.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has approved the plan, called Provider Partners Health Plan, which will begin enrollment Oct. 15 and operating January 1.

Dr. Scott Rifkin, owner of Mid-Atlantic Health Care, the state’s largest locally-owned provider of skilled nursing homes, and founding partner of the new plan, said it will allow nursing homes to deliver coordinated, comprehensive care to the residents of their facilities.

The new plan is a Medicare Advantage Plan available to anyone with Medicare who meets what is called a skilled nursing facility level of care and resides in a nursing home in its service area. About one third of all people covered by Medicare participate in a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Originally published on The Baltimore Sun by Andrea K. Macdaniels, on October 7, 2015