Please Keep Sending Us Your Mail

Dear Readers,

I love hate mail. I really do. Since we founded the magazine, I’ve received four or five pieces of hate mail. The latest piece was a complaint about my last editorial calling for Donald Trump to be impeached. He described my editorial as a “hateful screed.” The gentleman suggested that Mr. Trump is the most pro-Israel president we have ever had and therefore I was “part of the problem, not the solution.”

What I’m always most fascinated about is that hate mail always comes typed out and in an envelope. It never comes by e-mail. The other neat thing is that no one ever signs their name. Almost always anonymous. I wonder if someone with nothing better to do than send me hate mail also is worried that I’ll jump right into my car and punch him in the nose. How silly. I’d rather spend time with my grandson. Oh, and I might hurt my hand.

This particular gentleman also sent me three copies of my editorial and said he had “torn 100 copies” from our magazines and threatened to tear many more as the “opportunity presents itself.” Let’s see: we print 14,000 copies and have a readership of at least 20,000. Hmm, 100 copies equals .05 percent. Kind of impotent.

It’s a shame the guy is such a coward. If he gave us his name, we’d deliver copies to his house and print his letter in the magazine. He has a right to have any misguided, short-sighted opinions he wishes to have. If he could compose a cogent argument disagreeing with me, then I’d certainly publish it.

By the way, I suspect the gentleman really believes he’ll change my opinion. This weeks Kavanaugh hearings actually reinforced my belief that the Republican party has sold its soul and abandoned its morality for the means to outlaw abortion. I simply find it hard to say to my wife and daughter that if they say they were assaulted by a man that their claim doesn’t deserve the respect of an investigation.

Mr. Kavanaugh didn’t help his case by lying about everything from Maryland’s drinking age to the definition of several slang terms describing vile behavior toward women.

As for the gentleman’s comment about the president and Israel. I’ll accept that Mr. Trump has in his naive and incompetent way been favorable to Israel. Last I remember, he and Jared promised to easily solve the dispute with the Palestinians. How is that going?

By the way, does one favorable policy stand justify our nation abandoning environmental efforts, condoning neo-Nazis, reducing taxes mostly for the wealthy, removing a woman’s right to govern their own body, gutting health care protections, kidnapping children, etc., etc., etc.? How can some folks look at government as a single issue proposition?

Democracy dies one stab at a time.

Anyhow, I invite your mail ([email protected]) — even of the hate variety.

Jmore Endorsements

We are generally endorsing all Democrats, with two exceptions. The general lack of ethics, morality and common sense from the Trump administration, along with total abandonment of checks and balances by the Republican-led Congress, leads us to take that position. Please vote for Dems and send a message.

We do offer two exceptions to the straight party vote. For governor, it is easy to support and endorse Larry Hogan. Mr. Hogan has done exactly what he promised. He has stayed out of divisive social issues and stuck to improving government. He has crossed the aisle and worked with Democrats when in the best interest of the state. We’d like to see more attention to public transportation and housing rights issues, but on the whole Mr. Hogan has been a class act and an honest man. His dad, the first Republican member of Congress to call for the impeachment of President Nixon, would be proud.

As for his opponent, Ben Jealous has failed to offer a credible campaign or find the issues or style to catch the public’s attention. His proposals often seem unrealistic. We are concerned that he answered questions on the anti-Israel BDS movement in one manner to us and then waffled on the issue in front of a Muslim voters’ forum.

For Baltimore County Executive, we have known Al Redmer for many years. He too avoids the divisive social issues. He has administrative experience as a very strong Maryland insurance commissioner, where he has been a true advocate of the insurance customer. He works well with Dems and has earned the county executive position.

Best Wishes,

Scott Rifkin, MD