Scot Rifkin

Scott Rifkin is a Health Care Executive, Physician and a graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) and George Washington University School of Medicine.

With over 30 years of experience in the practice of internal medicine and clinical healthcare management, he has become a renowned professional in the healthcare field. He is certified in Internal Medicine and practices medicine in Maryland for 20 years. Besides, he was once the emergency medical director to various SNFs who sought assistance in different issues related to the quality of care and also founded, which was later sold to Essential Group Inc.

Scott runs various healthcare institution which aims at improving the health of vulnerable seniors in nursing facilities. Scott leads a team of dedicated and compassionate staff with a similar goal of doing good to the society. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for the University of Maryland Medical System that comprises ten hospitals. In 2017, he was named the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year in the Mid-Atlantic Region. He was also named a UMBC Outstanding Alumnus of the year in 1995.

Scott Rifkin is a renowned healthcare entrepreneur and innovator with over 25 years of experience as a health executive and physician.  He has founded several companies and served as the chairman of Provider Partners Health care.  He is also the founder and managing partner of Mid-Atlantic Health Care, which aims at providing post-acute care to senior adults in a nurse home chain within the region.

Scot is also the founder and CEO of Mid-Atlantic Health Care LLC. Scott Rifkin oversees the operations of the Mid-Atlantic Care’s 21 skills nursing facilities. Under the leadership of Scott

Rifkin, Mid-Atlantic has entered into various partnerships with hospitals and skills healthcare professionals to improve patient health outcomes and public health. These partnerships include the development of innovative strategies to reduce unnecessary and unavoidable hospitalization and return patients to home care whenever possible.

Mid-Atlantic Health Care LLC is also a renowned publisher of JMore, a magazine for the Jewish community residing in Howards and Baltimore. The magazine is a product of Maryland Jewish Media that was founded by Rifkin. The multimedia company provides monthly magazine, a website names and social media platforms that serve the Jewish community in the two regions. JMore has a full-time staff that comprises of nine and 20 freelance writers and reporters. Mid-Atlantic Health Care LLC also owns 21 skills nursing and rehabilitation facilities within Maryland and Pennsylvania, both overseen by Scott Rifkin.

Scot Rifkin has founded three new startups since founding Mid-Atlantic Health Care in 2003. These startups are tied to Mid-Atlantic Health care and include National Post-Acute Healthcare, Five Star Physician Services, and Real-Time Medical Systems. The National Post-Acute Healthcare managers bundled payment programs as in an authorized convener of the Center for Medicare and Medicare Innovation’s Model 3 Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Programs. The organization develops and manages post-acute SNF networks for various hospital systems. The next company is the Five Star Physician Services that has employed over 50 healthcare providers who offer services to various skilled nursing facilities. The last organization is Real-Time Medical Systems, which develops a predictive analysis and decision support tools that assist in developing better data-driven, analytical insights to decision-makers and health care providers. The organization ensures better care and financial gain for skilled nursing facilities.

Scott Rifkin innovated the Real-Time Medical System that offers an intuitive and convenient platform for healthcare institutions, including insurers, hospitals, and skills nursing facilities that use the platform to reduce patient hospitalization. The system uses daily data provided by EMR to identify and address critical interventional moments that enhance the prevention of health problems. Organizations and institutions that use the Real-Time Medical System have witnessed a reduction of patient admission to acute care by approximately 20% to 50%.

As outlined earlier, Scott is the chairman of Provider Partners Health Plan, which offers Medicare insurance for skilled nursing patients. PPHP issue rewards to healthcare providers who provide quality and better care to patients without compromising on revenue generation.  Since quality care results in low use of healthcare services and lower costs for hospitals, operators who participate make considerable improvement in the care, they provide to patients. Besides, PPHP develops and operates Advantage plans referred to as Institutional Special Needs Plans (ISNPs) in Maryland and PA as well as Fiver Star Physician Services LLC that recruits high-quality medical providers for post-acute and long-term care facilities.

Dr. Scott Rifkin also founded Inc., an online health information platform that operates an interactive internet healthcare information destination for consumers. The company provides its consumers with free, real-time interaction with various healthcare professionals.  As a unique pharmaceutical service company, the organization combines and integrates prominent physicians, researchers, strategic marketing and consumer outreach capabilities, distinguished hospitals and excellent internet resources to assist the pharmaceutical industry through the process of product development, positioning, and promotion. The company has since filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission for an IPO

seeking to raise approximately $60 million. The lead underwriter for the IPO offering is Warburg Dillion.

Scot considers his position as a managing partner of Mid-Atlantic Healthcare as personal. He and his family still reside within the neighborhood that surrounds the North Oaks retirement community.